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Churchill Ice Arena, Durham, NH


January 17, 2020

Our MLK (1/20) and Teachers Workshop Day (1/27) schedules are now posted on our live schedule.

Giving a new type of Stick & Puck Session a try..."PARENT & BEGINNER" - all ages, BUT beginners only & parent/guardian/helper-siblings/grandparent. Parents need not skate but this session is for beginners! See session description on our website. First one is Saturday December 7th 4:50-5:50 pm. (This will NOT happen every Saturday so please check our LIVE schedule before coming!)

If you are looking for regular ice rental space for the season, please email me at


Come skate with us!  Our LIVE schedule has all the current public sessions on it for you to see.

WE HAVE RENTAL SKATES!  We own 85 pair of Riedell rental skates!  As rental skate fleets go, we have a limited selection due to limited storage space and sizes are first come first served.  Rentals are $5 per pair per session. 

Our standard, recurring public session times are posted on our website.  We also add "EXTRA" sessions when possible to fill slots that may open up.  


Like most rinks in climates prone to foul weather, our default status is "open for business".  We leave it up to our customers to use their own best judgment in deciding whether or not to travel to the rink.

Only in extreme or uncontrollable conditions like a power outage or a declared state of emergency will we close the rink leaving our users with no place to skate.

If you are scheduled to skate on a day when the weather is lousy, please contact your organization for information on whether your session has been cancelled or made optional.  

If the rink does close, we'll post that information here and on our Facebook page as soon as we are able.

Thank You - Bill Page, Rink Manager

PLEASE NOTE - Churchill Rink accepts CASH & CHECKS ONLY.  

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