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Churchill Ice Arena, Durham, NH


September 30, 2020

Hello from down at the the rink! 

We hope you're doing well and wanted to let you know we're looking forward to opening for the 2020-21 season, which is sure to be one we'll never forget! 

At this juncture we plan to be open for private ice rentals starting on about Monday October 19th. (Sunday or Tuesday also a possibility) Public sessions including Public Skate, Stick & Puck, Pick-Up Hockey, and Family Pond Hockey will not be scheduled until a later date which is to be determined. 

With all that's going on, and all the guidelines being placed on us by the CDC and State of New Hampshire, we will be easing into this season rather than plowing ahead full bore.  We appreciate your understanding, patience, and cooperation as we develop procedures to manage public sessions as well as complete some projects. 

We've been working hard during the off-season to prepare the facility for opening under a unique set of circumstances.  Based on the construction of this rink, we've had to make some major modifications to allow for opening under guidelines provided to us by the State of NH and Federal Government.  Thankfully the changes we've made are ones that have made the rink a much better facility so the push to make things happen because of Covid has resulted in us accomplishing A LOT of good things this off-season!  Here's a preview:

  • Converted previously inaccessible area at East end of the building to be accessible for movement of players and spectator viewing. 
  • Will be replacing badly aged plexiglass at East end with much newer plexiglass acquired from another facility and new stanchions. (after we open)
  • Made areas to side of player benches accessible with skates on for skate removal after sessions. 
  • Created access behind scorer's box to get to players/coaches to bench without having to go on the ice. 
  • Added ventilation to all 4 lace-up rooms and rest rooms. (Changing rooms = Lace-up rooms this year as players MUST come to the rink dressed!)
  • Replaced office and rest room forced hot air furnace with new mini split, multi head system.   
  • Restored badly damaged/old rink boards at each end to be strong and straight again.
  • Removed benches from locker room walls to eliminate dirt/dust collecting in notches in matting needed for bench legs.  Will install all new rubber floor mats before season begins, use chairs for social distancing until the pandemic ends, and install new wall mounted benches next off-season. (Benches in room #2 remain as the nostalgia of that room got the best of me!)

That's just a taste of what we've done and we're excited to share it with you!

In addition to many physical plant improvements, we've had to establish OPERATIONAL PROTOCOLS for use until the pandemic is over.  Based on the unique physical attributes of this facility, our protocols needed to be thorough.  We appreciate your help in our effort to keep the rink open under trying circumstances and would appreciate you familiarizing yourself with the procedures that apply to you or your group.  (Visiting teams will need to complete a FORM prior to being admitted.) 

One of our requirements is limiting spectators to one person per participant.  Based on this coming at us, we now have LIVEBARN at Churchill Rink!   

This message may be modified/updated shortly...need to sign off for now!

To contact Manager Bill Page please use email or call the rink.

Thanks - Bill




Churchill Rink is a LiveBarn Venue.  If you can’t make it to the rink, you can still stay connected by watching all events Live and On Demand.

  • Live stream events from any LiveBarn venue
  • Watch On Demand for 30 days
  • Save and share 30-second highlights
  • Download entire games/practices

LiveBarn is available via a monthly or annual subscription.

For more information, visit  Download the LiveBarn iOS App for easiest mobile viewing on Apple devices (Android App coming soon).

Follow LiveBarn on Twitter (@LiveBarn), Facebook (@LiveBarnSports), Instagram (@LiveBarnSports) and YouTube (@LiveBarn).

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